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About our products

Play tables provide endless fun for children at home and at day care, pre-school or primary school.


Enjoy watching your little people’s imaginations run riot as they embark on yet another adventure with their wooden sandpit table or water table, or get creative with their Lego table, craft space, or workbench.


Even better, don’t just watch,  join in!  And rest assured that your new wooden play table or furniture has been hand crafted with durability, safety, sustainability and support in mind.  For information on how to care for our products click here


Kids will want to use their play tables for years and we have designed and built all our children’s furniture with durability in mind.  Our outdoor wooden furniture will last the distance, survive the sun’s rays, cope with the endless buckets of water required to make mud cakes and they won’t blow over the fence in high winds!  Wood is a natural product so your table may develop some gaps in the joinery, this is normal and will not effect its structural integrity. 


We use New Zealand grown untreated timber. Where water resistance is required, we look to the marine industry for inspiration and use innovative techniques to secure longevity but ensure safety.  All edges and corners are rounded, no screws or bolts are exposed and our tables come with lids to keep out unwanted animals and pests.


We use hard woods and source all our high-quality components from New Zealand and proudly build our tables by hand at our workshop in Piopio.  Above all, we are committed to providing a sustainable alternative to plastic that lasts the distance.  Our goal is that our tables will be amongst your longest lasting toys.


Not as in Olivia Newton John, but as in we have a workshop here in New Zealand. We are based in Piopio, in the Waitomo District.  We answer the phone, we respond to emails and we can even host a visit.  We delight in the pleasure that our products bring to children and welcome contact from our clients, offering ongoing product support.

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