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Freight and product detail

and warranty

  • We are able to freight our play tables to most main centres in New Zealand.  Our current freight options are Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Rotorua, Napier, Taupo, Wellington, Nelson, Blenheim, Dunedin, Christchurch and Invercargill

  • When you add a play table or item of furniture to the shopping cart you will be required to add your requirements with regard to freight.  If we have not listed the town you wish the table to be delivered to then choose the option "Contact me for a quote for freight" and we will look at options for freight. Or you may wish to collect the table from our workshop.


  • We stand by our products.  These are a hand made New Zealand product and we are proud of them.  If there is a manufacturing fault or you are not happy with the standard we will fix the problem.  We have a two year manufacturers warranty on our play tables and children's furniture.   

  • It is important to us to keep our product as child safe as possible.

  • All edges are rounded, all fasteners are marine grade stainless steel and glues used are an exterior PVA. The marine grade plywood and macrocarpa are untreated so as to not subject our little kiwis to any chemicals.

  • With this in mind, it is important to understand that this is a natural untreated product.  Wood will move as it gains moisture content from the rain or shrinks when exposed to direct sunlight.  This may cause joins to open slightly or lids to warp and not remain completely flat.  Then they may change back again – just to keep you on your toes! This does not effect the structural integrity of your table, it is just what natural wood does.   This type of change to your product is not covered in the warranty.

  • The lids main purpose is to keep unwanted animals out of the tables. If you have bought your table for a fancy cat tray then disregard the above!

  • If you wish to keep the wood in its natural colour then you can oil it with a few coats of Danish oil.  If the table is constantly exposed to the elements then you will need to keep up a maintenance schedule of oiling the table every few months.  Alternatively, just let the wood grey off naturally and it will last a good many years just as is.  Being natural wood it will start to get a ‘weathered look’ if left out side but it will be just fine. 

  • If your sand pit table has been wet for a while, our kids love pouring water from the water table into the sandpit table (mud pies) then remove the sand and let the table dry in the sun for a few hours.  It is a good idea to regularly change the sand.

  • The water tables should be washed regularly with soapy water.  For health reasons do not leave the same water in the table for days on end. 

  • These tables are tested for strength before they leave the workshop.  I stand in them and I weigh 100kg. 

Our little kiwis love them – we hope yours will too.​

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