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Sand is all about sensory stimulation, or to you and me, hours of fun building castles, playing cafes and creating new worlds to explore. Our sandpit tables provide an innovative alternative to your ground level sandpit and are perfect for outdoor spaces, shady spots on the deck or smaller gardens. They minimise sand wastage, are portable, come with lids to stop unwanted visitors. 
We have customised tables so they are accessible for children in wheelchairs. We have developed wheelchair-accessible water and sandpit tables. Contact us directly if you want more information about them.


Why a wooden sand table?

  • Durable: our wooden sandpit tables are built to last. They are made from New Zealand sourced timber, high grade plywood and marine grade stainless steel fasteners and boat builder strength glue, giving them a unique ability to withstand both the weather and Kiwi kids!
  • Safe: the wood is untreated, and the lids keeps animals out. All edges and corners are rounded and there are no exposed screws or bolts to prevent children scratching themselves.
  • Sustainable: we use New Zealand hard woods, source all our high-quality components from New Zealand and proudly build our tables by hand at our workshop in Piopio.
  • Supported: we are a physical entity with a workshop and someone at the end of the phone. We are proud of our customer service and ongoing product support.


SKU: 00002
  • 1.2m long x 800mm wide x 600mm high

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