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Have you got a budding engineer at home or in your class?  Perhaps you’ve got a few.  This table makes collaborative LEGO play a breeze as children stand around the table and work together to build and play with their creations. The LEGO table lid folds over and is supported by a storage box.  The lid then becomes a building platform and the table a storage and sorting space for the LEGO.  When the children have finished playing the LEGO slides back into the table, shut the lid and the children have cleaned up!  


Why our Lego table?

  • Durable: our Lego tables are made of solid wood, top quality plywood, marine grade glues and stainless steel fasteners.
  • Safe:  all edges and corners are rounded and there are no exposed screws or bolts to prevent children scratching themselves.
  • Sustainable: we use New Zealand hard woods, source all our high-quality components locally and proudly build our tables by hand at our workshop in Piopio.
  • Supported: we are a physical entity with a workshop and someone at the end of the phone. We are proud of our customer service and ongoing product support.


SKU: 00003
  • Table: 1200mm length x 700mm wide x 550mm high

    Box: 600mm wide x 625mm wide .x 550mm height

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