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This children's workbench is designed for small people to have a go at carpentry or creative building.  It is the right height for children to have their own workshop at home or school.  Create your own ‘maker space’ for you and your children at home or if you are a pre-school or primary school teacher, it’s time to get tinkering!

Why our workbench?

  • Durable: our carpentry tables are made from high quality timber and the table is glued and screwed for strength.
  • Safe: all edges and corners are rounded and there are no exposed screws or bolts to prevent children scratching themselves.
  • Sustainable: we use New Zealand hard woods, source all our high-quality components from within New Zealand and proudly build our tables by hand at our workshop in Piopio.
  • Supported: we are a physical entity with a workshop and someone at the end of the phone. We are proud of our customer service and ongoing product support.


Tools -
we can supply tools so that the workbench is all ready to go.  Our tool kit varies depending on the availability of tools.  Currently it includes screwdrivers, vice grips, 2 x hammers, 2 x rulers, 2 x measuring tapes, 1 x hand drill, spanners and several wood files.  The tool kit does not include a saw or nails and screws.  
Wood starter kit - a mix of different sizes of untreated wood.


SKU: 00004
  • 1.2m long x 550mm wide x 600mm high (table top height). Note: the carpentry tables vary in design as the materials we have to hand can change from time to time.

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